MIC Tournament – Blancco Challenge

14:00 - 18:00



Managing Innovation and Change -kurssin 2013 opiskelijoille


Blancco grand prize voittajajoukkueelle, leffaliput kahdelle.

Voittajajoukkueelle pokaali ja kultamitalit, kaikille kilpailijoille Masters of Tournament -diplomit.

Tuomarit, toimitsijat ja yhteistyökumppanit

Pelinjohtaja: Mikko Järvilehto/Innovaatiomestarit

Tuomarit: Kim Väisänen/Blancco ja Sami Tuupanen/Blancco

Toimitsijat: Mervi Rajahonka/Aalto PYK, Liisa Välikangas/Aalto BIZ

Valokuvaaja: Emilia Saarelainen/Aalto BIZ

Catering support: Viivi Järvilehto/Viivi Järvilehto tmi ja Jaana Lahtinen/Rosmariini


Ennakkopelin voittajat

Paras löydösten tekijä: Jonas Seemer, ”Let your customers tell you want you should ask”

Paras ennakkopelaaja kokonaistuloksissa: N.N.

Paras arvioija: Nina Harkio

Ensimmäisen erän voittajat

Jonas Seemer/Sininen joukkue: ”Miten integroidaan käyttäjäkokemuksen hallinta käyttökokemukseen”

Sara Heikkinen/Punainen joukkue: ”Anonyymikysely vai nimillä?”

Visa Penttilä/Musta joukkue: ”Voisiko rakentaa tuotteen sisään palautteenannon?”

Toisen erän voittanut joukkue

Punainen joukkue ”Hymiökysely”


N.N., Outi L. ja Sara H./Punainen joukkue




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The Company

Blancco is the proven data erasure solution for millions of users around the globe. As
the global leader in B-2-B data erasure and computer re-use solutions, Blancco offers
the most certified data erasure solutions within the industry. The company serves users
across a wide range of industries, including banking, finance, government and defense.
The company’s products are highly valued by IT asset disposal professionals around the
world. Blancco operates from an extensive network of international offices and partners
across Europe, North America, the Middle East, Russia, Asia and Australasia. Blancco has
about 120 employees worldwide. More about company at www.blancco.com

Focus of the challenge

For time being Blancco does not measure its customer satisfaction or how customers
see Blancco as a service provider. About ten years ago Blancco concluded some
customer satisfaction surveys, but extensive once per year research was not found as a
fruitful approach. Furthermore localization challenges (=languages) were not in favor for
time-consuming surveys.

When measuring customer satisfaction, note these considerations:
- Accurate customer satisfaction follow-up on daily rather than yearly basis
- Least time-consuming effort from customer, max 2-3 min
- Tracking of differences in customer satisfaction between countries, product groups
- Automatic, visualized reporting and analysis rather than human interaction requiring manual

As this can be obtained only using internet-based survey, keep the following in mind:
- What system/provider to use, no-cost/low-cost options preferred
- How to motivate customers for providing feedback?
- What to ask in 2-3 min in order to obtain a clear ‘big picture’ of Blancco’s customer satisfaction?
(max.outcome with min. effort)
- How to motivate Blancco’s rather independent country organizations for
support and participation in this effort?

Kilpailun tiedot

Säännöt ja ohjeet

By participating MIC Tournament you will gain credits for the Managing innovation and change -course. The organizers hope that you will have a nice learning experience about innovation management. MIC tournament brings real-world managerial challenges from top companies for you to solve as course assignments. The assignments include both individual and team work. All the assignments will be scored and will have an effect to your grading. Therewill be both peer and expert -based evaluations. You are allowed to select only one challenge that you will work throughout the tournament. You will have to do your choosing by 14th of March. Innovation tournament consists two main phases: pregame and the real tournament event.



There will be support group in the Facebook for all tournament participants, where you can ask help to any questions. How to become a champion? Receive highest scores in every phase. Curious, out-of-the-box-thinking helps and also people skills when creating synergic team. Switching, splitting or forming teams. If for some reason you want to switch, split or form a team, you are allowed to negotiate about it with your peers. All changes in the team structure must be accepted by the management of the tournament. Tournament includes guided mini-games and excercises suited for each round. IPR’s. This is open innovation, ideas are shared, bounced, elaborated, even stolen – together. If taking your concepts into action, we recommend starting discussions first with the sponsoring company, if they have an interest to support your endeavours. Photos and videos will be recorded in the tournament. After the tournament. There will be a feedback game within a week from the end of the tournament. Images and videos will be available for the participants. Tournament champions will be raised to the Hall of Fame

Feedback game results

1. Participating in multiple pre-games
It would be useful if the participants had a choice to participate in all challenges they feel interested in. Maybe the final decision which would be the final challenge could be locked in after pre-game is halfway, so after that the participants could concentrate better on just one challenge. This would enable more ideas in the beginning and possibly help participants find the right challenge for them.


- Good point! I agree!
- That’s a good idea. By participating in multiple pre-games we might have also been able to learn more about the companies and the problems they’re facing, and maybe find connections between them.
- I think it is simplier if the students participate only in one challenge and pre-game. It is good to concentrate on one thing properly.
- This is so true!

2. Connect the pre-game to the final tournament stronger
I liked playing the pre-game, but I was also slightly disappointed when I found out that the benefits and ideas didn’t really transfer very effectively to the final tournament. The experience would feel more complete if different phases were brought together little bit tighter.

- I totally agree! It feels like that the pre-game was totally own thing. I did not see the connection between pre-game and final tournament.
- I agree, the link between the pre-game and the actual tournament could have been clearer. Yet I thought the pre-game helped us familiarize ourselves with the theme.
- I agree. You are able to succeed in the tournament event even though you don´t play the pre-game.
- I agree. The pre-game should prepare the participants for the actual tournament. Therefore, there should be a stronger connection between the phases.

3. Company presentations could have been in the program earlier

It took a while before I realized how the pre-game works. It would have been useful if the companies had presented themselves to us a little bit earlier. The challenges were introduced in the poster, yes, but at least I would have got the point sooner if we had met the company representatives almost as soon as possible.


- I already wrote a similar feedback to someone else – I agree! It would have possibly made the quality of the suggestions better as people would have understood the tasks sooner.
- I agree with you. The challenge wasn’t entirely clear to me until we got the chance to hear the company representative.
- I think this is quite important, as it would have possibly saved a lot of time and made many of the pre-game ideas clearer from the beginning.

4. Less individual work, more team work

I thought the pre-game helped us familiarize ourselves with the theme. It was nice and flexible to participate in. Because the pre-game already consisted of individual work, I consider the individual phase at the actual tournament a little redundant. I would have used that time for the team preparation (phases 2 and 3). At least my team could have used more time to discuss our ideas in depth. Now it seems we ran out of time to fully engage ourselves in presenting our ideas.


- We have the same problem that we had too little time to think about our idea.
- I agree! The teams were formed very fast and preparing was done in a hurry. The quality of the teamwork would have been better if there was more time.
- I agree! I already wrote similar feedback to other suggestions about it. Teamwork was very important but it would have needed more time.

5. Too little time for the final solutions

The tournament event was more interesting and more relaxed than I expected. I liked the word association thing but the renaming of items seemed a bit loose to me. We had plenty of time to ask questions from the company representatives but then we had only ten minutes to finalize our proposal / solution. Why the sudden hurry? How about rescheduling the day at least partly?


- I agree! I felt like the question part could have been much faster and done in a slightly different way (the lining up thing was a bit weird in my opinion) and the last part with 10 minutes was way too short.
- I totally agree with you. There should have been more time scheduled for preparing the final preparations. The individual round could have been shorter.
- That’s true. It would have been much better if we would have little bit more time.
- I feel that overall the actual challenge day could have been organized differently schedule-wise. It worked somehow with the way how we had it, but we could have used time better as well.

6. Thanks to the company representatives

It was nice to notice that the company representatives seemed to be genuinely interested in our ideas and seemed to get some real help from us. The winning teams got sumptuous awards although the tasks were, after all, pretty basic (in a positive way).


- I agree with this, although at first I felt that companies had taken the challenge from very different perspectives. Symbio and Basware clearly had very ambitious challenges, whereas Microsoft and Blancco had much simpler challenges to solve. Even though I felt in the beginning that Microsoft had come up with just something to be able to participate, I enjoyed participating in their challenge and felt that the company representative’s participation was very good and we got really good feedback.
- It was nice that they really appreciated our opinions and suggestions!
- I agree. The company representatives were very supportive and seemed genuinely interested in what we had to say.
- I felt that some company representatives were participating only because they wanted to do something with the students and they were not that interested in the project. However, I felt that for some companies the company representatives were really helpful and for those challenges it was helpful.
- Blancco’s guys were super!

Aalto Design Facotory

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