SomePitching #5

11.11.2013 - 24.11.2013


SomePitching and the Finnish ministry of transport and communication have signed a contract to arrange six business idea competitions in Finland.

The first three tournaments, arranged in 2013, are satellites to upcoming SomePitching 5.0, which is organized this fall (schedule confirmed later). The next three will be arranged in 2014, and will be part of SomePitching 6.0.

The first satellite tournament is in Oulu. It will be announced later in summer.

Read more about the satellite tournaments from here.

Follow our facebook pages to hear the news, dates and schedules for the tournaments at first instance.

About SomePitching

SomePitching is an online competition for new business ideas and teams. The competition allows public voters (anyone) and invited judges to vote and decide the best ideas. The best ideas and voters will be rewarded with prizes.

Startups from anywhere around the world can get publicity and detailedfeedback from hundreds or even thousands of potential customers and users, and from a distinguished serial entrepreneurs, investors and experts.

Check rules and instructions to learn more.

SomePitching competition is built on the world-class Innopinion technology platform, that enables engaging various stakeholder groups into idea and feedback processes to analyze and develop these into actionable items.

SomePitching is completely free for teams and voters.

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Ilmoittautuminen suljettu / Registration closed

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